Nallur Kandaswamy Temple – Is located Just 5km Away from Singa Akham.

Nallur Kandaswamy temple, a prominent tourist charm in Jaffna, is located just 5km away from ‘Singa Akham’. The presiding deity is Lord Murugan in the form of the holy ‘Vel’ in the sanctum, the primary shrine.  It reflects a famed symbol of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu identity of the Northern Province, and the most crucial feature of this Nallur Temple is its golden arch, four Gopurams and six Bell Towers, along with its fortified walls, giving it an appearance of a citadel in Nallur. The Eastern gopuram, the main entrance, reflects the Dravidian architectural style.
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Jaffna Public Library – Is located Just 6km Away from Singa Akham.

Being a symbol of northern heritage and a ‘must visit’ place to explore further the bygone epochs of Sri Lanka, the Jaffna public Library is located just mere minutes away from the Singa Akham at Kondavil. The location Singa Akham in the Kankesanthurai road (K.K.S road), supplements the amenities of travelling swiftly within minutes toRead More

Jaffna Fort – Is located Just 6km Away from Singa Akham.

The “Jaffna Fort”, as the name implies, the second principal fort in the SL straddling approximately about an area of 55 acres. Being a piece of colonial history, the Portuguese, British and Dutch have all intertwined its sumptuous past. The perfect place to watch the sunset over the sea, Jaffna’s fort is a large ruinRead More

K.K.S Beach Is located Just 8km Away from Singa Akham.

The Kankesanthurai Beach, as the name implies, a spectacular beach resides at Kankesanthurai and popularly known as “K.K.S beach”, is one of the celebrated beaches of Northern Province of Sri Lanka
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Casurina Beach Is located Just 20km Away from Singa Akham.

As the name implies, the abundance of casuarina trees exaggerate the invigorating blue waters and the soft golden sand grains of the Casurina Beach. The Casuarina beach is in the Karativu islands, one of the largest islands in the peninsula and considered to be one of the best and favoruite beaches in the Northern Province.Read More

Jaffna Archaeological Museum Is located Just 5km Away from Singa Akham.

Being at proximity to Nallur temple, Jaffna Archaeological Museum is located within 5 km from the Singa Akham. It can be reached in just 10 minutes from the Singa Akham in public transportation, whereas the private transportation offers lesser time. Fabricated in 1986, Jaffna Archaeological Museum houses various collections from Hindu and Buddhist religion sinceRead More