Jaffna Fort – Is located Just 6km Away from Singa Akham.

The “Jaffna Fort”, as the name implies, the second principal fort in the SL straddling approximately about an area of 55 acres. Being a piece of colonial history, the Portuguese, British and Dutch have all intertwined its sumptuous past. The perfect place to watch the sunset over the sea, Jaffna’s fort is a large ruin of the prestigious structure that it used to be.

Situated merely 6km away from ‘Singa Akham’, Jaffna Fort can be reached using public or even personal transportation amenities within just 3 minutes. It is worthy of visiting the Jaffna Fort in order to discover diverse longstanding architectural structures long been safeguarded; a moat, limestone fortifications with a sequence of tunnels, and especially a star-shaped design. Thus, it offers a unique experience for studying as well as exploring such features. Positioned southwest of the peninsula, past prominent landmarks such as the Jaffna Public Library, it overlooks the lagoon scattered with colourful fishing boats. The walkway to the entrance, the ‘Land Gate’ falls across the large trench.

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